Cover for the cage in any size/two colours.


The product is made to individual customer order

 Covers are made of special material Cordura - a brand fabrics highly resistant to abrasion and becoming wet. The structure and method of weaving fibers provide its high resistance to abrasion and tearing.

   It is commonly used to manufacture backpacks hiking, and biking as well as shoes and clothing for motorcyclists. It is a fabric with high resistance to weather conditions, and also, thanks to its internal structure very light. The outer (right) side of the cloth is coated with Teflon.

You can choose two colors of material.

You must write what do you want color of cover cage: blue, azure, red, dark olive, clear violet, black, pink, clear green, brown, violet, orange and gray.

If you want you can order from us a very good, waterproof cover for your cage.

We have to need the dimensions of width and length measured at the top and bottom of and height. As well as the we need to picture of this cage we have to see where are arranged door.

We send this cover cage to all countries.