Mattress to cage in different sizes



Mattress to cages. Strong, durable and waterproof mattress to cages. We make any size that fits into small cages. Measure the dimensions of the drawer or the cage floor and write in order details.
Filled with high-quality foam and heat insulation - thickness of about 3-4cm.
Mattress made from a durable, strong and water resistant material. The material in black has an additional impregnation and is waterproof 2000mm of water column (washable at. 30 ° C).

The mattress in the maximum size can be of about (length x width) 130cm x 80cm.


OXFORD ,material has a positive test:
Security - the fabric does not contain harmful elements and heavy metals. All the studies conducted by the Textile Research Institute confirmed that the fabric is within the PN-EN 71-3: 1998 concerning the safety of toys, and all of the children. Determination of heavy metals.

Stains and dirt removed with a soft sponge and a solution of soap and water (temp. 30 ° C), or a mild detergent.
NOTE: Do not clean aggressive chemicals containing solvents and bleaches.