PetMobil MINI



NEW product of PetMobil MINI has 3 wheels one of them is rotating.


PetMobil MINI  has cage 56 x 33 x 41 cm
(cage has movable partition in the middle)


PetMobil Twins has 3 wheels 10 inches


The only such product on the market!


 Set of PetMobil includes:
- trolley,
- cage
- top cage/grooming table with mat black carpet or with black rubber,
- mattress to cage (in available colours like the covers cage)
- bag for small items, you can mounted it to the handle. (in available colours)


  Present you a PetMobil MINI with 3 wheels one of them is rotating, from cage 56 x 33 x 41 cm (cage has movable partition in the middle) PetMobil MINI has new grooming table with black rubber or black carpet. This PetMobil also has mattress and bag in available colours. Trolley is very good for cats and for dogs of small breeds. We invite you! The trolley is made from best quality materials. It has three shock absorbers front and rear brakes, wheels, pneumatic (pumped), easily beats any terrain. All trolley frame is painted with powder method that is very permanent. Also has a basket for cosmetics for your dog. Perfectly replace groomer table where the dog is calmly prepare for the show. The entire trolley is folded, you can also take off the wheels. Folded trolley has a height about 30 cm after take off the wheels 27 cm. While the width is equal to the width of the frame.


PetMobil this is it!