PetMobil Standard S - only trolley



   Present you a PetMobil - only trolley make on order for the cage in size "S" that is, those whose length doesn't exceed 70cm. The trolley is made from best quality materials. All skeleton trolley is painted powder method, so that is very permanent. It has shock absorbers, brakes, wheels, pneumatic (pumped), easily beats any terrain. All trolley can be folded, you can also take off the wheels. Folded trolley has a height about 32 cm after take off the wheels 27 cm. While the width is equal to the width of the cage. Weight trolley with wheels is about 9 kg. PetMobil this is it!


Do you want only trolley, right?
We can make trolley Standard for your cage.
You must write me dimensional your cage: length x width measured at the bottom of the cage, please.


This is very important!