About company


 Independent Solution Roman Orlowski - Manufacturer of transporters on the dog show for animals - PetMobil and aluminium/metal cages from 2012

The idea to produce PetMobil born a few years ago. Inventor, designer and manufacturer is company Independent Solution Roman Orłowski, Poland.

The industrial design of the product is proprietary - 001455059-0001, 003453380-0001
Any copying, manufacturing, marketing and production for personal use is prohibited!
The only rights to manufacture PetMobil has its originator company Independent Solution Roman Orlowski

All laws to product PetMobil are patented! Copying for personal use and for sales objectives is prohibited!

Our transprters
for many years enjoyed many exhibitors of animals around the world. Still, our product is modernized to provide our customers and their pets the best comfort in using our PetMobils.