Your next trip to the dog show with your dog not have to be strenuous! Having a PetMobil, it is a pleasure!

Professional manufacturer of transporters on the dog show for animals - PetMobil and aluminium/metal cages is only the company Independent Solution Roman Orłowski from 2012


The industrial design of the product is proprietary - 001455059-0001, 003453380-0001
Any copying, manufacturing, marketing and production for personal use is prohibited!
The only rights to manufacture PetMobil has its originator company Independent Solution Roman Orlowski

All laws to product PetMobil are patented! Copying for personal use and for sales objectives is prohibited!




* Our great offer for June! *

Do not wait!


Order PetMobil - and you can buy a cover for a cage


for only 15 euro !!!!




You also receive a mattress, a bag and a shelf for PetMobil for free..


We invite you to offer valid until 30 June 2019




Products made for order not refundable.

Our PetMobil this is what you are looking for.

We make PetMobils for the order our clients.



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